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Pony Express Riders of Iowa, Inc. is a network of volunteer "Riders" who host fundraisers in their home county throughout the year. No formal qualifications are needed to become a  member of Pony Express - men, women, and children join in the common cause of helping children and adults with disabilities. The money raised is used to benefit Camp Sunnyside in Des Moines, IA. The "Riders" receive no compensation for their time, the smiles on the children's faces and knowing they've made a difference in their lives is the truest reward!

Stub Johnson, Leo Gray, and Wayne Neilson had the idea to ride "Pony Express Style" county to county, not to carry mail but to carry money to help Iowa children and adults with disabilities. The first ride, March 30, 1968 raised $12,000.00 in NW Iowa. The success spurred them to expand the ride throughout the state the following year.

While the annual ride held Easter weekend involves horses, many members don't ride or own horses.  With regional rides starting at various points across the state on Good Friday and converging in Des Moines, IA for the big ride into Camp Sunnyside on Saturday afternoon, the event concludes Saturday night with a Victory dance to announce the year's grand total. In the 40 plus years, Pony Express Riders of Iowa have raised over 9 million dollars for Camp Sunnyside.

Other states have patterned groups after the Iowa Model but none have come close to matching the success and support of Iowa's Pony Express.



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Central Iowa Pony Express reports:

We had a great day for our collection point in Pleasant Hill on Saturday...total deposit was...$2638.52 plus we had another $15 donated that is'nt in this total. Great helpers who worked hard...GOOD JOB everyone!!
Now a wonderful story...a young girl came thru Dianna & Chris's side said she had no money on her but she would come back, you hear that alot and don't think much of it. But she came back after she went home and grab a baggie of change she had been saving.I had it counted seperatly and there was $58.17 FROM A TEENAGE GIRL!!! We do have wonderful youth still out there today. Big shout out to the Lucas county group on a super horse show on Saturday also. Talk about wonderful youth they had some really special kids at their show!!!

From Lucas County (Melrose Horse Show)

Saturday’s proceeds were: $923.50.     $583.00 from entries & $340.50 in concessions

Great job and a really great way to honor our deceased members who wanted to put on this show.
Congratulations go to Halsey Morecock as Lucas Co. Senior Pony Express Queen.
Brittany Snow as runner up. Amelia Phillips as Lucas County Pony Express Junior Queen.
Mikaela Mc Clarty as runner up. Shawnee Murphy as Lucas County Pony Express Princess.


As of the  end of the Ride day, Saturday, our total raised was $265,324.64!!!!  which is well over our goal of $250,000.
Many Thanks to everyone who has made it possible to raise this great amount for Easter Seals Iowa.
The Pony Express Riders are the most amazing group of people, Thank you for all that you do!

Grand Total Raised in 47 Years: